Ravenswood Chicago

The constant development that the city of Chicago has witnessed is for the most part the result of the interaction of so many cultures and differences in ideas that settlers have brought in during the early formation of the city. The Ravenswood Chicago neighborhood, located on the city’s north side has been the arena of changes and challenges that is the hallmark of this region which is accepted as a part of the official Lincoln Square Community area. The neighborhood of Ravenswood is mostly residential except for the historic Lincoln Square which is commercially zoned and stretches of Avenues along Lawrence, Damen, Montrose, Western and Wilson Avenues.

Ravenswood’s residential buildings are distinctive because most of them are courtyard-style. In the 1990s, the “up and coming” Chicago neighborhood saw a sky-rocketing property values, making its real estate one of the highest valued in the city. Ravenswood’s first planned neighborhoods features homes of Victorian and Prairie School type, brick row houses and wide lots. Today Ravenswood Chicago is a popular area for finding affordable single-family rentals, condominium and multi-family living units. The residential blocks of Lincoln Square are mostly made of bricks and are divided into two to three rental units. It is an area with beautiful tree-lined streets with gardens and parks. The Ravenswood Chicago community includes Bowmanville, Budlong Woods, Ravenswood Manor, Ravenswood Gardens and parts of Lincoln Square.

A lot of activities are available for Ravenswood Chicago residents and visitors. There are great restaurants in the area of Lincoln Avenue where cuisines from many parts of the world are represented among them Italian, American, French, Chinese, German and Asian, providing a broad dining experience for foodies. Shopping is split among small family establishment and retail stores and the many Malls that have appeared in the area lately. The area is not as commercially vibrant as the Loop or the Gold Coast but this is an added charm to finding an apartment in this place. You can buy what you need in the neighborhood shops and do not have to deal with the noise and the crowd of downtown Chicago.

The charm of the Ravenswood Chicago neighborhood is its planned residential areas which is conducive for family life and the feeling of peace and quiet it evokes. The residents form a close knit community with homeowners’ and residents’ associations. Hubs that were specially designed for middle class families also feature a wide range of amenities.

Ravenswood Chicago is served by the Brown Line ‘L’ train which runs across its center and stops at Damen, Montrose and Western. The Metra commuter train also serves this neighborhood. The area’s transportation hub is the nearby Lincoln Square which also serves as its shopping hub. There are bus lines that cover several major streets. The transportation system has been designed to effectively give access to the important spots in the area as well as to conveniently go downtown Chicago or out to the suburbs.

For education, there is the Ravenswood Elementary School and the Lake View High Schools which serves the residents and those of the neighboring community. Ravenswood residents are served by campuses belonging to the Chicago Public School System. There are colleges and universities all around the 77 Chicago neighborhoods, with the University of Chicago as the leading university.

The Ravenswood Chicago neighborhood is a great place for middle class families who like the feeling of living in a small community but within the confines of a large city. There are lovely public parks like Welles Park that has playing fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and children’s playgrounds. Job opportunities are plentiful in the nearby business and commercial district and it does not require a long commute unlike living in the suburbs. The neighborhood is sufficiently far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago so it is quieter but still provides the comfort of nearby shopping centers and dining establishments. If anybody needs something only the downtown Chicago can provide then commuting is easy and downtown is close enough for a fast commute.

Ravenswood Chicago is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Chicago. It remains a highly recommended place to live in Chicago.